"There are several reasons why someone might choose to buy SafePal, a cryptocurrency wallet and hardware device that is designed to provide users with a secure and convenient way to store and manage their digital assets:

  1. Security: SafePal is a hardware wallet, which means that it stores your private keys offline in a secure physical device. This can help protect your assets from cyber threats like hacking and phishing attacks.

  2. Convenience: SafePal has a mobile app that allows you to easily manage your assets on-the-go. You can use the app to check your balances, view transaction history, and send and receive cryptocurrencies.

  3. Support for multiple assets: SafePal supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin. This means that you can use a single device to manage all of your digital assets.

  4. Easy to use: SafePal has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to get started with cryptocurrency. The device also comes with a user manual that provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and using the device.

  5. Cost-effective: SafePal is relatively inexpensive compared to other hardware wallets on the market, making it an attractive option for those who are looking to secure their assets on a budget."

Absolutely change the Game

  No Bluetooth  No WiFi  No NFC  No USB connection

Manage unlimited tokens,
all in ONE device

          Supported 33 blockchains and 30,000+ tokens till now
          Unlimited currency storage
          Add and delete token as you like
          On-board new tokens via firmware upgrade
          Store your NFT Collections    
          Only the size of a credit card
          Super light and easy to carry around
          Manage your crypto 24/7

Operation temperature:  -4° to 158° F (-20 ° to 70 ° C)
Power  : Charged with USB cable
Camera  : For high-speed scanning QRcode
Screen : 1.3'IPS screen
Connectivity : None
Product upgrade : Support firmware upgrade
Battery : 400mAh(Could endure 20 days based on 10 minutes daily use)

Pay for your hardware wallet directly with crypto Support BTC ETC SFP BNB USDT USDC
  SafePal allows for buying and swapping within the SafePal App, hooks into 
                   CEX like Binance, and provides powerful dAPP support for DeFi with Uniswap 
and Compound. Perfect for DeFi traders.